How it works

Unlike made-to-order bags, the Stitchsmith clutch can be customised in many different ways, again and again. Discover how to make yours completely unique.

Customising Your Bag

Changing one or more elements can give your bag a whole new look. Our patented design means you can have all of the benefits of a fast fashion product without the financial or environmental drawbacks.

1. Choose your metal

There are three colour options for the outer metalwork: gold, silver, and rose gold. Choose your preference at the point of purchase.

2. Select a fabric

Choose to cover your bag with a set of Stitchsmith’s ready-made fabric covers or watch the video below to see how you can create your own. Then simply remove the metal outer frames of the bag, switch with the existing fabric covers and reassemble. You can do this again and again.

3. Add a clasp

To change the clasps simply pull and replace. There are currently two options: the Classic Clasp and our Signature Clasp. We’ll be expanding our range of clasps in time.

4. Add a strap

Clutches look great in the hand but sometimes you need your hands free. Add a shoulder or wrist strap. These can be tucked inside when not in use.

Using fabrics you love, with finishing touches you choose, the Stitchsmith clutch will always be as individual as you are.

Changing the fabric

There are two ways to re-cover the Stitchsmith clutch.

  1. Ready-made covers made by Stitchsmith
    You can choose fabric covers which have been made by Stitchsmith. For our launch, we are supplying the Stitchsmith clutch with covers exclusively designed by the winning entrants of our design competition – click here for more details. In the future we will be selling a more extensive range of fabric covers on our website, including simple silks, contemporary prints and luxury faux leathers.
  2. Fabric covers made by you
    You may wish to make your own covers using either a new piece of fabric or fabric that you wish to re-purpose. This is simple and doesn’t require any specialist tools or skills. Watch the video below to see how to do this using a pre-loved item of clothing