Founder, Laura Camerer Cuss. Stitchsmith clutch fabric designed by one of three Prize for Design 2018 winners, Leta Siauruseviciute.

Why we created the Stitchsmith clutch

We’re expected to be wearing something different every time we’re photographed, but having different clutch bags to complement different outfits is just impractical. They can be costly, they take up valuable storage space and wearing something only a handful of times is detrimental to the environment.

We believe you shouldn’t have to damage the planet just to look good but we appreciate most people like a new look. This is why we developed a bag which can be used time and again yet can be revitalised whenever you want. We believe that if everyone accessorised more imaginatively, we could make better use of the items we already own and help reduce textile waste. What’s not to love?


Unlike fast fashion accessories, the Stitchsmith clutch has been designed with sustainability at its very heart:

  • It is the only bag that can be re-covered again and again, meaning you won’t need to purchase different bags to complement different outfits
  • It allows you to upcycle pieces of fabric which would have otherwise gone to landfill
  • It should help you get more wear out of your existing wardrobe by allowing you to accessorise more creatively

In addition, Stitchsmith wants to do its bit to help turn the tide against fast fashion by:

  • Encouraging consumers to have a fresh appreciation for fabrics and how they can be re-purposed
  • Helping reduce the number of cheap bags being manufactured to satisfy the demands of fast fashion

Supporting Designers of the Future

In 2018 we launched the inaugural Stitchsmith Prize for Design – a competition to find beautiful fabric designs with which to launch our bags.  The competition was such a success we ran it again last Autumn. We received almost 300 entries from talented textile designers from 23 UK universities. You can find the shortlisted entries here. The winners of the Stitchsmith Prize for Design competition 2019 will be announced 24th January 2020. As agreed in the competition’s terms of entry, competition winning designs will feature on our bags when we go into production.

The Stitchsmith Prize for Design will be offered annually and will be returning this Autumn. In future competitions we’ll be including a new category for jewellery designers so that we’ll be able to increase our range of beautiful clasp designs. We plan to source designers through other channels too.

Our dream is to develop a community of talented textile and jewellery designers who will be able to design fabrics and clasps for us using their own name and brand. This means that you will have access to some of the best designers around but, as our bag is based on a modular system, you won’t be burdened with a big ‘designer’ price tag. Our designers will get the recognition they deserve and be able to use the Stitchsmith clutch bag to showcase their talent. It’s a big dream and one that is going to take us a while to achieve but we see it as a win-win for everyone.

For Profit, For Purpose

Stitchsmith is committed to making a difference. Once we become profitable, we will donate 10% of our profits to charities operating in countries associated with fast fashion production, particularly those which are focused on improving female education.

We’re currently looking for charities to partner with. If you would like to suggest a charity please email us at